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Request Management is one of the most important processes in an organization. This process directly deals with the end customers, which makes it more sensitive compared to other internal processes. An organization which manages its customer requests timely and efficiently is able to retain its customers and get repeat business. Therefore, it becomes crucial for an organization to have a robust request management platform.

Jira Service Management with its Service Management feature provides you with everything that you want to have an end-to-end request management journey. With Jira Service Management you can overcome most of the common challenges associated with the request management. Let us see some of these challenges and how Jira Service management offers solutions for them.

Problem Statement 1: Our organization employs multiple vendors and tools to fulfil the request management process. This leads to multiple conflicts among processes like request logging, report generation etc. How can we resolve it?

This is a very common problem. Unfortunately, most of the organization still follow the process of employing multiple vendors to achieve the process of request management. However, with Jira’s Request management feature, you no more require different tools. All the features like request logging, request assigning, defining resolution, report generation, etc. are provided out of the box by Jira Service Management.

Problem Statement 2: Currently our users have to login to a customized portal for logging the request. We would however want to enable our customers to raise request through other channels as well. Is it possible?

Why not! In today’s dynamic world of communication, its very outdated to log request from a specific portal, which often requires a cumbersome login process. Jira Service Management resolves this by providing multiple integration channels capability. Using the Jira plugins, you can integrate applications like Slack and MS teams and can directly log your request from these applications. It is also possible to raise a request via an email. Isn’t that wonderful. It is also possible to integrate the Jira widgets directly into your websites.

Problem Statement 3: Our service agents have to loop through multiple screens in order to gather various datapoints related to a service request. Is their any easier way to do this.

All your data related to a particular request must be available from a single screen else it is very easy to lose on certain data points. Jira service management provides all the entities related to a request at one screen. You can track various attributes of a request like time spent, SLAs, progress report, approvals, knowledge base article, assignee comments etc., all from a single screen. Any asset details attached to the request can also be seen right through this screen. This lets your agent effectively provide the updates for a request to your customers.

Problem Statement 4: Even after the request resolution, our agents have to perform certain manual activities like data monitoring, report generation etc. This consumes a lot of time of our customers which affects their efficiency while interacting with the customers.

Your customers should only focus on customer service. After all, getting the customer’s request accurately is the key to an effective service management. Jira Service Management will help you in gathering other data. Once a request is resolved, Jira Service Management offers direct insights into reports like SLA, time to resolution, usage of knowledge articles etc. These reports can directly be viewed in a graphical presentation on JSM dashboard and are also available for you to download and view later.

Fulfilling service requests should be at the heart of your organization, it is the key to the end-customer satisfaction. Jira Service management can help you easily set up your service management portal and overcome the challenges discussed above and many more. If you are willing to spin up new service management tool for your organization or may be want to upgrade an existing one, Jira Service Management is here to help and so are we.

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