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Knowledge management is the process by which an organization creates, updates, maintains, and share the knowledge among its employees and customers. Although this is a common practice across many of the organizations, it still can be a very cumbersome and challenging process.

Every organization strives to achieve efficiency from their knowledge base, however they fail to do so because of multiple challenge associated with maintenance of the same. Let us discuss some of the key problem statements that an organization faces and how the Jira Management comes to rescue. 

Problem Statement: Our organization has many documents, but each one of them differ in their look and feel. How can we streamline their appearance ?


Every person has their own way of writing and presenting the ideas. Therefore, when people from different departments use their own styles for drafting documents, the organization ends up having a large variety of documents with different fonts, styles, formats etc. This leads to inconsistencies on the part of readers and force them to switch and adapt to different styles. With Jira Service Management, you can create your own style guides that helps you manage consistencies in all the documents that you create. It also provides the flexibility of using Confluence in an in-built manner. It also allows the authors to use the official graphical content like logos and banners consistently across all the documents.

Problem Statement: Many of our customers have same set of questions. These questions have simple answers, but we need to tell those answers to all customers separately. What can we do to avoid this?


A lot of customers have a similar set of questions. These questions can be answered in a similar fashion to all the customers. Jira Service Management provides an easy way of curating such questions and displaying them to the customers at a common place.

Problem Statement: Our website space is large, and our documents are scattered through that space. We want to keep the document classified by their domain area, but our customers struggle to find them.


The navigation and linking of various documents are as important as the document itself. Most of the organizations have plentiful of resources to read but they are scattered across their sites and are very hard to locate. This can result in very inefficient use of the documents and most of the time you need a special person to navigate you to the correct path.

Jira service management solves this problem easily and allows you to categorize your documents by providing them relevant labels and tags. You can classify the document based on these labels and tags and can search all the documents belonging to one label or tag in one go.

Problem Statement: We often create the document when the development of a new feature starts, or a new problem is reported. However, over the time as the development progresses, we miss to update the documents. Therefore most of our document do not contain the latest version of the features.


Another challenge in maintaining the knowledge base in an organization is timely upgrade of the documents. Its easy to write the initial draft of the document but hard to maintain it over the time. This results in the document becoming stale over the time and eventually the document turns useless.

Jira Service Management comes to the rescue again as it makes very easy to update the documents. 

  • It suggests you to update the related documents directly at the time of resolution of an incident by identifying the relevant labels and tags.
  • It also provides you a maker-checker mechanism to review and approve the documents.
  • It can enable you to send reminders whenever a document needs change, based on the incidents related to it.
  • It provides you the details of how long the document has not been modified.
  • It can also offer you details on how often a document is being read. This helps you know which of your documents are frequently read so that you pay more emphasis on maintaining them and less on the documents with low frequency 

Problem Statement: Most of our customers raise incidents which can be resolved easily if the customer go through the knowledge base on our site. How do we prevent this from happening? 

The main idea of keeping a knowledge base is to offer the information to the customers upfront and preventing them from logging the incidents which can be resolved by reading the documents. However, the customers usually don’t take out time to actively search for the information before logging the tickets.

With Jira Service Management, you can offer the relevant documents to the customers at the time of logging the incidents. The customers can search easily throughout the knowledge base based on the key words of their problem statements. If the users start going through the documents upfront, it will help in considerably reducing the incidents. Even if the incident is logged, it is very easy for your team to redirect the customer to the relevant document for resolution and for future reference.

Problem Statement: As an organization, we would like to know if our knowledge base is helpful for our audience. How can we get the feedback from them?


No is a better judge of your documents than the end-customer who is reading it to solve his/her problem. An author can only document a problem from his/her point of view, while the problem can have multiple aspects depending on who is facing it. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to regularly take feedback from the customer about your documents.

With the inbuilt capabilities of Confluence, it is extremely easy to plug in the user feedback along with your document in Jira Service Management. It provides a space for your customers to interact with you. At the same time, it provides you valuable insights from different aspect of the problem which in turn can help you update and improve your knowledge base.

Knowledge Management is a powerful strategy but only if done right. If you want to start creating a knowledge base for your organization, or if you have already a knowledge base but you are facing any of the problems mentioned above, we recommend you to try Jira Service management. We could help you with kickstarting your knowledge management and other process with Jira Service Management. If you have any further question regarding the knowledge management process, feel free to drop us a comment below.

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