Case Study: Jira Service Management for ITSM and Knowledge Management at GlobalTech Solutions


GlobalTech Solutions is a multinational technology company offering software and hardware solutions to clients around the world. The company was facing challenges in managing IT service requests and knowledge management due to disparate systems and a lack of visibility into their ITSM processes. As an Atlassian partner, we implemented Jira Service Management, along with Confluence and Insight, to streamline ITSM and knowledge management operations across the organization.


  1. Inefficient IT service request handling: GlobalTech was using multiple tools to manage IT service requests, leading to confusion, delayed responses, and reduced productivity among support teams.

  2. Fragmented knowledge management: A lack of centralized knowledge management made it difficult for support teams to access the information needed to resolve incidents and problems.

  3. Inadequate visibility and reporting: Without a unified system, management struggled to track the performance of support teams and make informed decisions to improve ITSM operations.


  1. Consolidating ITSM systems with Jira Service Management: We implemented Jira Service Management as the primary ITSM tool, consolidating all IT service requests in one place. This helped improve the visibility of support teams’ work and allowed for faster and more accurate responses to service requests.

  2. Integrating Confluence for knowledge management: We connected Confluence to Jira Service Management to create a centralized knowledge base for support teams. This allowed for the seamless sharing of documentation, problem resolutions, and best practices, ultimately reducing the time spent searching for information and improving overall incident resolution times.

  3. Implementing Insight for asset and configuration management: We integrated Insight with Jira Service Management to provide a comprehensive view of GlobalTech’s IT assets and configurations. This helped support teams better understand the relationships between assets, identify potential issues, and make more informed decisions during incident and problem resolution.

  4. Customizing workflows and automating processes: We created custom workflows in Jira Service Management to suit GlobalTech’s unique ITSM needs. We also leveraged automation features to streamline processes, such as automatically escalating high-priority incidents or linking related incidents to known problems.


  1. Improved incident resolution times: By consolidating ITSM systems and centralizing knowledge management, GlobalTech’s support teams were able to reduce incident resolution times by 30%.

  2. Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing: The integration of Confluence with Jira Service Management fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, improving the overall efficiency of the support teams.

  3. Increased visibility and reporting capabilities: With a unified ITSM system, management gained greater visibility into support teams’ work and leveraged reporting features to make data-driven decisions that improved ITSM operations.

  4. Higher customer satisfaction: By streamlining ITSM processes and improving incident resolution times, GlobalTech saw a 25% increase in customer satisfaction scores.


As an Atlassian partner, we were able to provide GlobalTech Solutions with a tailored Jira Service Management implementation that improved their ITSM and knowledge management processes. The results were significant improvements in incident resolution times, increased visibility, and better collaboration among support teams. The successful implementation led to higher customer satisfaction and more efficient ITSM operations.

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