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In today's digital learning world, schools and training centers are always looking for new ways to manage and deliver online courses. This case study shows how izenbridge, a top online learning platform, used Zoho Backstage to make their live event management smoother, improve user experience, and gather important information. Picture izenbridge, a busy online learning platform filled with students. But behind the scenes, managing their live events was a big mess. Imagine izenbridge, a thriving online learning platform, buzzing with students. But behind the scenes, their live event management was a chaotic mess.

Are you struggling to manage and display your live training course events effectively?

Imagine izenbridge, a successful online learning platform full of eager students. However, they face a big challenge: managing their live events. Their website is great for on-demand courses but doesn’t have a system to handle upcoming live events, track attendees, manage trainers, send automated emails, and more. This missing feature makes the overall user experience worse and creates a lot of hassle without a central place to manage everything.

Are You Facing These Live Course Management Challenges?

  • Lost Data: Is important information from course registrations getting lost and making it hard to nurture leads and understand your audience?
  • Complicated Workflow: Are you overwhelmed with managing registrations, emails, confirmations, reminders, and payments across different tools? It can feel chaotic!
  • Engagement Issues: Is it hard to see how engaged your attendees are? Do you know which topics they like the most, or is it just a guess?
  • Social Media Struggles: Are you finding it difficult to promote your courses on social media and reach your target audience? A scattered strategy might be making you miss potential students.
  • Manual Workload: Managing registrations, emails, and payments across different tools manually is very time-consuming and frustrating.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you don’t have to create your complex solution!

Zoho Backstage: Simplify Your Live Event Management / Live Trainings

Transform Your Event Management with Zoho Backstage

  • Management from Frustrating to fantastic: Zoho Backstage.
  • Zoho Backstage: All-in-One Live Training Event Management Hub.

Imagine a world where managing your live events is a breeze. With Zoho Backstage, that world is within reach.

What is Zoho Backstage?
Zoho Backstage is an all-in-one platform that makes managing your live training events easy and efficient.

How Zoho Backstage Helps You:

  • Unified Event Management: Showcase all your events (upcoming and past) on your website. You can embed events using iframes or links, seamlessly integrated with Zoho Sites.   
  • Enhanced User Journey: Users can find event details, view session timelines, check trainer profiles, register, pay, and join live sessions all on your website.
  • Automated CRM Integration: Automatically capture attendee data into your CRM for easy lead management. Event organizers and admins can see these details as leads.
  • Streamlined Registration: Users can explore event details, speaker profiles, and sponsors easily.      
  • Secure Payment Gateway: Easy and secure ticket booking and registration. Tickets can be transferred to other events if needed.
  • Automated Emails: Send automatic confirmation and reminder emails to keep attendees informed.
  • Live Event Platform: Conduct interactive live sessions with recording capabilities using Zoho Backstage OnAir.   
  • Post-Event Engagement: Upload resources and images after the event for attendees to access later.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Get insights into event performance with analytics on attendee engagement and revenue.                                               

Additional Features:

  • Manage Daily Live Events: Handle a full calendar of live events without manual tasks.
  • Promote on Social Media: Promote events on social media directly from Zoho Backstage.
  • Embed Registration Buttons: Add registration buttons to your blog posts, website pages, or anywhere your audience is.
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Visuals and Management:

See sample images of the event center and how admins can manage live, past, and canceled events.

Experience a hassle-free way to manage your live events with Zoho Backstage!

Normal User side View

Individual Event Analytics

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