Case Study: Enhancing Problem Management with Atlassian

Case study Problem Management through Atlassion


HealthNet Inc. is a leading healthcare provider offering a wide range of medical services to patients across the country. The organization was struggling with inefficient problem management processes, resulting in recurring incidents and a negative impact on the quality of healthcare services. As an Atlassian partner, we implemented a robust problem management solution using Jira Service Management and Confluence to streamline processes, reduce recurring incidents, and improve service quality.


  1. Ineffective problem identification and prioritization: HealthNet lacked a centralized system to identify and prioritize problems, making it difficult to allocate resources effectively and address root causes proactively.

  2. Limited knowledge sharing and collaboration: The absence of a unified knowledge management platform hindered effective collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams, leading to slow problem resolution times.

  3. Inadequate tracking of problem resolutions: HealthNet’s problem management processes lacked transparency, making it challenging to track the progress and effectiveness of problem resolutions.


  1. Implementing Jira Service Management for problem management: We introduced Jira Service Management as the primary problem management tool, enabling HealthNet to identify, prioritize, and track problems in a centralized system.

  2. Integrating Confluence for knowledge management: We connected Confluence to Jira Service Management to create a collaborative knowledge base for HealthNet’s teams. This integration allowed for seamless sharing of documentation, root cause analyses, and problem resolutions, ultimately reducing the time spent searching for information and improving problem resolution times.

  3. Customizing workflows and leveraging automation: We developed custom workflows in Jira Service Management tailored to HealthNet’s problem management processes. Additionally, we employed automation features to streamline processes such as linking related incidents to known problems and escalating high-impact problems to relevant teams.

  4. Establishing a problem review process: We helped HealthNet implement a problem review process, leveraging Jira Service Management’s reporting capabilities to analyze the effectiveness of problem resolutions and identify areas for improvement.


  1. Reduced recurring incidents: The implementation of Atlassian tools for problem management led to a 40% reduction in recurring incidents, improving service quality and reliability for HealthNet’s patients.

  2. Faster problem resolution times: By centralizing problem management and fostering knowledge sharing, HealthNet was able to reduce problem resolution times by 35%.

  3. Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing: The integration of Jira Service Management and Confluence facilitated better collaboration and knowledge sharing among HealthNet’s teams, enhancing overall problem management efficiency.

  4. Enhanced visibility and process improvements: The problem review process provided HealthNet’s management with greater visibility into the effectiveness of problem resolutions, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for continuous process improvement.


As an Atlassian partner, we helped HealthNet Inc. implement a comprehensive problem management solution using Jira Service Management and Confluence. The successful implementation resulted in reduced recurring incidents, faster problem resolution times, and improved collaboration among teams. By optimizing their problem management processes, HealthNet was able to enhance the quality and reliability of healthcare services for their patients.

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