Case Study: Streamlining Asset Management with Jira Service Management

Streamlining Asset Management with Jira Service Management


EduTech Global is an international educational technology company providing online learning platforms and resources to schools and universities. As the company grew, managing and tracking IT assets became increasingly complex and time-consuming. As an Atlassian partner, we implemented a comprehensive asset management solution using Jira Service Management and Insight to centralize asset information, streamline processes, and improve decision-making.


  1. Decentralized asset tracking: EduTech Global’s IT asset information was scattered across multiple spreadsheets and systems, making it difficult to track and manage assets effectively.

  2. Inefficient asset lifecycle management: The lack of a unified asset management system led to inefficiencies in managing asset lifecycles, resulting in poor resource allocation and increased costs.

  3. Limited visibility into asset dependencies: EduTech’s teams struggled to understand the relationships between assets, hindering their ability to identify potential issues and make informed decisions during incident and problem resolution.


  1. Implementing Jira Service Management for IT service management: We introduced Jira Service Management as the primary IT service management tool, providing a centralized platform to manage incidents, problems, and service requests.

  2. Integrating Insight for asset and configuration management: We integrated Insight with Jira Service Management to create a comprehensive, unified view of EduTech Global’s IT assets and configurations. Insight allowed support teams to visualize asset relationships, track asset lifecycles, and manage asset information effectively.

  3. Streamlining asset management processes: We designed custom workflows in Jira Service Management to align with EduTech Global’s asset management processes. By leveraging automation features, we helped the company streamline processes such as asset procurement, deployment, maintenance, and disposal.

  4. Enhancing reporting and analytics capabilities: We enabled EduTech Global’s management team to access detailed asset reports and analytics within Jira Service Management, providing insights into asset utilization, costs, and areas for improvement.


  1. Centralized asset tracking and management: By integrating Insight with Jira Service Management, EduTech Global was able to centralize asset tracking and management, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency.

  2. Optimized asset lifecycle management: Streamlined asset management processes resulted in a 25% reduction in asset-related costs and improved resource allocation across the organization.

  3. Improved incident and problem resolution: Enhanced visibility into asset dependencies allowed support teams to better understand the impact of incidents and problems, leading to faster resolution times and a 30% decrease in asset-related incidents.

  4. Informed decision-making: With access to advanced asset reporting and analytics, EduTech Global’s management team gained insights into asset utilization and cost optimization, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


As an Atlassian partner, we helped EduTech Global implement a comprehensive asset management solution using Jira Service Management and Insight. The successful implementation led to centralized asset tracking, optimized asset lifecycle management, and improved incident and problem resolution. By streamlining their asset management processes, EduTech Global was able to reduce costs, improve resource allocation, and make more informed decisions to enhance their IT infrastructure.

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